A new house will require decking with plywood. The cost of plywood is around $20 dollars per sheet for roofing. This could go as far as about $30 dollars. It will come out to about $40. The cost of laying them and the content cost The expense per square foot of roofing shingles would be around $20 dollars.You can get additional information at house shingles.
What is the expense of an old house being re-roofed? Notice that the old shingles must be replaced, repairs must be made to the decking and new roof shingles must be placed on.

With the additional extra expense of scraping and taking away existing roof shingles, an old roof would require similar work to a new roof. The cost of this will be added by your roofing contractor to the labor cost. Roughly, with an average size home, this would come out at about $1000 dollars more. Usually, transport and waste expenses would be extra. But there is something cheaper that you might be able to bargain. The cost of materials for decking works out to $20-$30 per board. So you will figure out how many sheets are to be covered after a visual examination. If the felt layer needs replacement with a roll of the 30 pound felt that is recommended, it comes out about $20 bucks. Next, it would cost about $20 to $50 a sheet plus labour to patch any broken parts of the decking. Prices for the roofing shingles would work out to around $185 per 100 square foot. The cost of labor averages out at around $75 per 100 square feet. That should give you a general idea of roofing prices for an old home.

The price of roofing shingles varies with the material. Cedar or wood shake shingles are priced at around $5 to 7 per square foot. So, for around $500 to $700 per 100 square feet, it works out. The cost of materials alone would be in the range of $8500-$12000 for an area of 1700 square feet. Increase the cost of installation and any maintenance costs that an old roof can require. You will have to strip the old shingles and dispose of them. So for that portion of the work, add about $1000 dollars. But you can be assured of a long lifespan of about 30-50 years for your wooden roofing in exchange for your extra expense. This is a green choice because, since they are bio-degradable, the wood shingles can be quickly disposed of. They also have greater insulation characteristics than roofing with asphalt shingles.